Yamaha Stryker V2 Switchback Plug and Play Turn Signals

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Give your Yamaha Stryker motorcycle a custom look with our new CCW V2 Plug and Play DRL Turn Signals. The V2 mounts neatly under the Stryker lower triple tree with the supplied mounting screws. The mounting screws replace the existing screws so you will have the option to be able to leave the air deflector mounted. The new dual color, single chip LEDs feature all white DRLs along with amber turn signals. These Stryker front turn signals feature a pair (2) of 24 LED Strips that totals 48 surface mounted LEDs that will all illuminate white as daytime running lights and blink Amber as the turn signal. The wiring runs in a compact single wire to eliminate the extra exposed OEM wiring. You have the choice of a clear or smoke lens (tubing) and arrives at your door read to plug and ride, meaning you don't have to wire a thing- plug it in out of the box!

About the V2 mount:

   The V2 Mount is made from a high quality plastic that is designed to mount under the bottom triple tree. The mount is coated black and sealed with a clear layer to prevent UV damage to insure a solid, long lasting mount so there will be no breaking or cracking.

What's included:

  • 1 CCW V2 Mount
  • (2) 24 LED strips, equaling 48 total LEDs, with daytime running lights ready to install
  • (2) Installed OEM, color matched, plugs
  • (2) Installed resistors to control the blink rate (optional)
  • (2) Stainless Steel mounting screws

Everything comes wired, all you do is plug in, mount, and ride.

If you are interested in purchasing for a 2015 or have any other questions, please contact us.

** As an option for more visibility, use our (link) Yamaha Stryker OEM Y-Splitters for run the OEM turn signals for 2011-2014)**

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