Vertical License Plate Side Mount with Light

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Custom Cycle Wiring's exclusive, curved, vertical side mount license plate holder with a 1" hole. These mounts fit perfectly for any standard motorcycle license plate size (4"X7") on the side of the axle. The vertical mount comes with the license plate light installed and a 30" long wire. The license plate mount will fit any motorcycle with a 3/4"-1" axle and the Yamaha Stryker (.785" Axle). The light will have to be wired to a 12V source in order to work properly. **Free U.S. domestic shipping**

What's included:

  • (1) Vertical, curved, plate mount with 1" hole
  • (1) License plate light- installed
  • 30" long license plate light wire
  • (4) sets of license plate stainless steel hardware
  • (2) Posi-Tap connectors