Glow Strips LED Accent Light Kits with Zone Remote

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The Glow Strips LED Accent Lighting System is here!  Glow Strips are super bright LED's using 5050 series technology giving you one of the brightest kits available. Choose from 3 different size kits to fit anything from a scooter all the way up to the biggest touring models.  They even work great on golf carts, boats, or automobiles. Glow Strip Kits come in 8 colors, have a lifetime warranty against LED failure, and come with a multi-function remote in you your choice of single of dual channels. 

- Easy Peel-N-Stick installation of strips
- No crimping, soldering, or special tools needed 
- Requires connecting to vehicle's battery

Level 1 Engine/Starter kit includes:
Controller & Remote, (2) 1.75", (2) 3.5", and (2) 8.75" LED strips.
Ideal for 500cc or smaller motorcycles - A great engine & transmission kit

Level 2 Kit Includes:
Controller & Remote, (4) 1.75", (4) 3.5", (2) 8.75", (2) 14" LED strips
Ideal for Harleys, Metric cruisers, Sport Bikes, bikes over 500cc - Great for engine & saddlebags

Level 3 Kit Includes
Controller & Remote, (6) 1.75", (6) 3.5", (2) 8.75", (2) 14", and (2) 21" LED Strips
Ideal for Touring models, Trikes, Can-Am Spyder - The show stopper kit!

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