Mini H4 LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulb

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New! The new M3-Mini H4 LED Headlight Bulb is 20% smaller than our MT15-3F H4 Motorcycle LED Headlight Bulb making it an easier install in 5-3/4" or custom headlights. The new M3-Mini-H4 will convert your stock H4 motorcycle headlight bulb to a high performance, 2500 Lumen LED bulb.  This universal LED headlight bulb is a replacement for H4 halogen bulbs found in most motorcycles.  Some slight modifications to the headlight clip or base may be required.  LED Headlight bulbs are larger than stock bulbs so please check that your housing has the clearance for bulb dimensions listed. 6000K color temperature produced by three Epistar LEDs.  No modules or special resistors needed.

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